​Vacation Bible School

Each summer St. Paul's holds a Vacation Bible School for children of all ages.  We aim to make this as easy as we can on working parents so VBS is held in the evenings and dinner for students and their parents is provided.  Any children in the community are welcome to attend.  See PHOTO GALLERY for more pics!


You people entering the fourth grade and older are invited to serve as acolytes or torch bearers in worship services.  Participants in this ministry help the priest lead the congregation in worship.  Anyone interested in serving as an acolyte can contact theRev. Connor Newlun cnewlun@stpaulshanover.org 

Activities for Children and Youth

Sunday School

The children of St. Paul's give life and energy to our congregation.  We look to affirm these energies by providing a safe, nurturing environment where a young person's talents can be celebrated and their faith can be deepened.  We lay the foundation of Christian faith in our Sunday School classes ranging from pre-kindergarteners to fifth grade. Younger children are welcome in the nursery during Sunday School to play and hear stories from the bible. Sunday School classes are taught when Public School is in session every Sunday from 9:20-10:20

Youth Mission Trip

Each summer St. Paul's partners with St. James Episcopal Church in Warrenton VA on a Youth Mission Trip.  The group travels to Hollywood SC and stays for a week to repairs homes in the area and strengthen their faith in Christ through a spiritual formation program.  Youth who have completed the ninth grade are eligible to go.  See PHOTO GALLERY for more pics.


Youth Group
St. Paul’s Youth Group (“SPYG”), is a place for young people in sixth through twelfth grade to fellowship, learn about their faith and serve their neighbors. The mission of SPYG is to provide a “safe harbor” where all feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, questions, and opinions about their faith and beliefs. In addition to building a strong bond within, the teens of SPYG strive to live godly lives through community service, both near and afar.  September through May Youth Group meets on the second and fourth Sundays of the month from 9:20-10:20 am and has one additional event each month.