Goals & Challenges

Our Goal

The goal of the people at St. Paul’s is to know Christ and to acquire the skills and confidence to make him known to others. This means that we seek to know Christ personally, as we know another human being, rather than knowing about him. When we know Christ in our personal lives we become people able to bear witness to him wherever we may be. Our goal is to learn to use our personal God-given gifts to carry on Christ’ s work of reconciliation in the world – healing brokenness and division, bringing people together again, reaching across all worldly barriers in friendship. We want to be people of kindness, compassion and patience.

Our Challenges

One challenge is to know one another as members of our parish family. We are small enough that this is entirely possible, so we are always working toward this goal. Our members come to us from all over Hanover and parts of King William and Caroline Counties. Our worship life binds us together and leads directly into our many parish activities. Because we feel a special responsibility for the spiritual nurture of children and young people, another continual challenge is teaching morals and ethics in an increasingly secular society. Another challenge is the inclusion of people of varying ethnic and personal backgrounds. As we say on the front of each bulletin, our doors are open to all people who want to worship God.